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The SayStudent Private Student Loan Program

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The web site is part of the SayStudent College Financing Network. The SayStudent Network includes the following properties:

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SayStudent is a member of the Consumer Financing Network. SayLending offers consumers guides and tips in consumer and mortgage lending.

You may contact us at the following address:


SayLending and SayStudent, with all of the network's related properties, are owned and operated by nBuy Associates of Richmond, Virginia.

nBuy Associates is a business consulting and brokerage unit assisting small- and medium-sized business function like big-business. Services include:

— business strategy
— market planning
— product design and development
— e-commerce development and design
— business valuation
— business brokerage

We likewise maintain a network of business consultants in financial planning, tax planning, market research, and investment analysis.

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Krayton M Davis
Executive Principal

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